Monday, October 10, 2011

Clay County 33 - Walter Wellborn 8

Image and Article By Steve Haslam

The Blue Panthers of Clay County met the Black Panthers of Wellborn for battle at The Hill on Friday night. Both teams entered the match with a record of (5-1), and with last year’s match being determined by one point, both sides were expecting an intense game.

The first two series appeared to be a struggle as both teams put up positive yardage. Wellborn seemed fit to score with a continual series of positive runs from quarterback Juddson Smith and running back Bobby White. The two combined for three straight first downs. However, on a big 1st and 10 play, Shawncey Simmons would make a massive sack for a 15-yard Wellborn loss. Wellborn would then make a massive pass play approximately 40 yards towards the end zone. The pass would be batted down, but the Clay County defense would receive a pass interference penalty. With 3:00 to play in the first quarter, another pass would be intercepted by Jamari Staples and returned about 35 yards. The Clay County offense would dominate the majority of the game from this point.

On 2nd down of the Panther’s ensuing drive, Shawncey Simmons would take the ball on a quarterback draw, half the length of the field for the touchdown. A penalty however, would bring the ball back. On the next play Simmons ran the same play and the same route, nearly scoring the touchdown again. With under 2:00 to play in the first, Deidric Rutledge would run the ball in for the touchdown. The PAT would be good, making it 7-0 for Clay County.

Just after the start of the 2nd half, Jamari Staples would make another interception, giving Clay County the ball on their 30-yard line. On the next play, Shawncey Simmons would connect with Staples for a short pass. Staples would run the ball about 25 yards and break two tackles. Shawncey Simmons would run the draw again 30 yards for the touchdown. It was clear that Coach Herron had done his research, as Simmons would exploit the same side on the same play throughout the first half. Eventually, Simmons would score again on a draw making it 20-0 with 7:00 to play in the 2nd.

With under 6:00 to play in the first half, Bobby White would bring life to the Wellborn crowd with a 35-yard run down the right side of the field. The Black Panthers would be forced to punt however, and on the ensuing play, Lamar Jones would run the ball 75 yards for a touchdown. The PAT would be no good, making it 27-0 with 3:35 to play in the half.

The 2nd half would be a battle of defenses, as both teams would make no progress for multiple series. Towards the end of the third however, Lamar Jones would dance around defenders and pick up a 25-yard run. On the following play, Shawncey Simmons would make a beast-of-a-throw to Jamari Staples, who would jump over two defenders for the 45-yard catch in the corner of the end zone.

The 4th quarter would begin with an interception by Jake Phillips to give the Panthers another good position. Both teams would bring in their younger players to finish the game. With less than four minutes to play, Chantz Goodman for Wellborn, would take a toss right and run the ball nearly 70 yards for Wellborn’s first points of the game. The Black Panthers would finish the drive and the game with a two-point conversion. Coach Herron and Co. came into the game with something to prove and they did it, finishing off Wellborn 33 – 8. Next week Clay County (6-1) plays Marbury (5-2) at home.


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