Monday, October 10, 2011

Randolph County 28 Lineville 21

By Wesley Wortham
Voice of The Randolph County Tigers

Randolph County travelled to Lineville this week to play in the graveyard. It is hard to get a win here because Coach Giddens and the Aggies protect their turf. The Anniston Star picked Randolph County to lose 37-0, and I don’t think there were many fans in our stands or  elsewhere that thought the Tigers could win...but we did.

Lineville won the coin toss and wanted to start off on defense. Randolph County dug itself a hole by getting a delay of game on the first play, which was too much for the tigers to get back. With a strong punt from Austin MacGinnis at 64 yards the Aggies were pinned  on thier own ten yard line.

The Aggies had their way for two quarters, going into halftime with a 14-0 lead. From the half point of the third quarter until the end of the game it was Randolph County making all the plays. To start the fourth quarter Randolph County trailed 21-7. Rico Nelson and Ty Childs broke two big touchdown runs. When time ran out in the fourth it was tied up 21-21.

Randolph County took the ball first in overtime and scored to put the tigers up 28-21. The Tigers defense stood tall and caused Linville to loose more yards in overtime than they gained. Randolph County is in a three way tie for the region championship. The Tigers need to fill the stands this week for homecoming when the Tigers take on Lanett, who went toe to toe with Woodland Friday night and lost 50-46.


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